Home Remedy for Heart Pain

Boil ½ teaspoon sandalwood powder in 1 cup water. Drink thrice daily.

The best way to deal with heart disease is to start a cleansing diet because the cleaner the blood, the less will be chance of any toxicity building up around the region of the heart. The patient should subsist on a diet of fruit and fresh vegetables. His breakfast should consist of two oranges, an apple and grapes. For lunch he should take salad of lettuce, grated carrots and best root together with some boiled vegetables and bread made out of whole meal flour. Fats, particularly saturated ones like ghee, should be banned and only a pat of butter –preferably fresh and not the tinned variety—should be taken.

Salt should be avoided totally or taken in small quantities if the patient prefers a non-vegetarian diet they should eat steamed fish or boiled white meat. Fatty portions of meat, particularly pork, should be avoided. He should never overload his stomach because distention of the organ by flatulence or overloading may depress the diaphragm and the pain of angina may start.

Sufferers from heart disease should fast for a short period according to their bodily strength so that the system is not overtaxed. Ailments like indigestion should not be allowed to arise, as they are likely to tax the heart. A heart patient should eat so sparingly that he should feel hungry all the time. The last meal of the day should be taken at least three hours before retiring.

Gravity douche or enema should be taken recourse to in case of constipation. A short walk in the morning and evening is beneficial. Even traditional doctors have come to realize now that walking is the best exercise for a heart patient. Some of them even recommend jogging. A medical fact which should be stated here is that when you are walking the pressure on the heart is reduced to some extent because the blood going back for purification through the heart to the lungs flow back more easily when you are walking than when you are sitting or lying down. Epsom salt bath should be taken once or twice weekly.

A heart patient must have a strict regimen of living in addition to eating. He must avoid stress, worry and excessive physical strain. If he has been on drugs before turning to naturopathy, they should be gradually withdrawn. A sudden stoppage of drugs is not advised.